Peanut History

A (very) brief history of the amazing peanut. From it’s origins in the mists of
time to present day ViPnuts!

Peanuts had their first recorded use around 3500 years ago in South America.

From there the Peanut journeyed to Europe, Asia and Africa before going
on to become a staple food in everyday life.

In the 18th Century the Peanut arrived in the US near South Carolina
and quickly became a key ingredient in local cooking.
It would become an essential food resource during the American Civil War.

In the late 1800’s the peanut was made an overnight success by legendary
circus pioneer P.T. Barnum.

As the World moved into the 20th century roasted peanuts soon became
a firm fixture at sports grounds, cinemas and stores.

Today ViPnuts are our unique take on one of the Planet’s favourite snacks!